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Pointed Waxed Steel Strapping

Our range of Pointed Waxed Steel Strapping is particularly heat treated to give advanced strength as well as ruggedness for packaging application. The offered products provide high speed as well as high precision heat treatment. The particular strap coatings are applied for curing invisible wave curing system utilizing quartz lamps. High gloss wax is applied by infrared wave curing system for the tension transmission The Pointed Waxed Steel Strapping tools we offer are resistant to corrosion and damage.

Key Points :
  • Accessible in a wide assortment of size and gauges to suit the strapping requirements.
  • Ensure safe, rounded edge, which is trouble-free during application.
  • Offer great rust resistance in comparison with regular painted material.
  • Economical choices, which offer kindred characteristics similar to painted strap with reduced cost.

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