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Corner Board Protectors

Business to business or business to consumer, if the packaging is not in its good condition and in a good contour, the business has a difficulty that can lead to unsaleable, unusable and unacceptable damaged products. We are dealing in Corner Board Protectors, which are used for unitizing, internal support, stacking, edge protection and strap protection. These give proper protection to equipments, furniture and other commodities during their shipment and storage. Offered products are also capable to guard scratch sensitive surfaces from scratches. Corner Board Protectors are rigid angles, which strengthen the edges on tops, corners and bottoms of boxes. They may also protect the nooks of stacked containers and fortify the

Key Points :

  • Improve the stacking capability when shipping, give protection against the stress as well as friction of restraints and straps.
  • Reduce the possibility of damaged goods during shipping, simple, cost-efficient and reliable modes to protect edges, facilitate stacking and strengthen boxes.
  • Give protection against blows to the boundaries and corners, prevent damage and scratches from cables and some other wraps.
  • Can be sized to any type of container and can be used to promote brand and logo, make a kind of shelving to administer the weight.

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